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About Us

Welcome to Rhinostone Capital Group, Corp., a premier real estate syndication company founded in 2020. Our commitment to clients is not just about properties, but also your financial success and security. With a focus on residential properties and a deep understanding of various commercial real estate types, including industrial, hospitality, self-storage, mobile home parks, and retail shopping centers, we're here to offer you a world of investment opportunities.

Our Expertise

Our wealth of expertise is your passport to passive income, equity growth, and reduced risk.

From cozy homes to bustling commercial spaces, our diverse portfolio is a testament to the effective actions we take to identify and capitalize on real estate opportunities. With every step, we're dedicated to providing investments yielding strong returns and performing with the added advantages of tax benefits.

Preserving Wealth, Creating Cash Flow

At Rhinostone Capital Group, our investments aren't just about property acquisition – they're about building pathways to long-term financial prosperity. We've honed our approach to ensure that your wealth is preserved, and your cash flow remains consistent. Our strategies are designed to safeguard your equity and provide you with a reliable source of passive income that stands strong through market fluctuations.

People First

Embedded in our foundation is a people-first philosophy. We understand that successful investments are not just transactions; they are relationships built on trust and open communication. We prioritize your financial goals and aspirations, crafting investment opportunities that align with your needs. With us, you're not just an investor – you're an essential part of our investor community.

Our Promise

When you choose Rhinostone Capital Group, Corp., you're choosing more than a real estate partner. You're choosing a journey paved with tax benefits, reduced risk, and effective actions that lead to financial growth. Our promise is to guide you towards opportunities that generate passive income, build equity, and provide you with a secure future.

Our Services

Turning Properties into Prosperity, Passively

Commercial Real Estate Sales

professional brokerage and negotiation of properties designated for business use, such as office spaces, retail centers, industrial warehouses, and hospitality establishments. Expert agents facilitate these transactions, connecting buyers and sellers while leveraging market insights to secure favorable terms and facilitate successful property transactions.

U.S. Immigration Concierge

Our Immigration Concierge service is your dedicated partner in ensuring a seamless transition to your new country. We go beyond traditional services by not only assisting with visa and legal processes but also guiding you through the essential aspects of settling in. From finding your ideal home and choosing the right school for your kids to launching your business in a new land, we provide comprehensive support that simplifies every step of your journey, making your integration into your new community as smooth and successful as possible.

Real Estate Syndications

Our Real Estate Syndication service offers an innovative approach to investing, allowing individuals to pool resources for lucrative property ventures. Benefit from shared risk, amplified opportunities, and expert management as we curate diverse real estate portfolios that generate passive income and capitalize on market trends, providing you with a hassle-free way to access the rewards of the real estate market.

Business Opportunities

Business Opportunity Brokering is your pathway to entrepreneurial success. We specialize in connecting aspiring business owners with diverse and promising ventures, facilitating seamless transactions that open doors to growth and prosperity. Our expert brokers navigate the landscape, matching dreams with opportunities and guiding you toward a future defined by business ownership and achievement.

Current Offerings

Discover our exclusive selection of the finest one-of-a-kind luxury properties architectural masterpieces.


United States



Invest in a United States registered REIT that consists of residential and commercial real estates with steady returrns. This fund provides steady dividends and long term appreciation. Cash flow, low risk, & strong economy are keys.

PROPERTY TYPE Fund Investment
INVESTOR TYPE Non-Accerdited

SoCal Strategic Fund 1.0

Southern California



Residential sales volume has been low in recent years due to higher mortgage rates. There are still homeowners who need to sell their home and many prefer to sell quickly without the hassle of showing and waiting for escrow to close.

STRATEGY Opportunistic

ATM Syndication




Participate in the mature and stable ATM kiosk space that has historically demonstrated strong operating margins in the unbanked and underbanked demographics, while capturing margin with cash management and future fintech services.

STRATEGY Fixed Income
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Accredited investors are eligible to invest in any of our offerings.
Non-accredited investors may be eligible to invest in select offerings.

In order to qualify as an accredited investor, you must meet one or more of the following criteria:

#1 – Your income is $200k+
  • Or $300k+ together with your spouse
  • Your income has been at that level for the last 2 years
  • Your income will be at that level or higher this year

#2 – Your net worth is $1M+
  • Not counting your primary home